Mombo is a traffic junction on the Maasai plain where buses go west to Moshi and Arusha, east to Tanga and Dar Es Salaam and south to Dodoma.  It’s your last stop before driving up to Lushoto in the Usambara Mountains. So why not hiking down through wonderful scenery with magnificent views?

You can see Mombo from Irente View Point, 1000 meters far down on the Maasai plain – and apart from the paved road you take by bus there is another way, the elder one, that leads you down from Lushoto in a – say – about four hours walk. Chances are good that you will hardly meet any other tourist on this way, occasionally a motorcycle taxi (“bodaboda”) will pass, and so you will enjoy nature and great views mostly on your own.

  • Be sure to use sunblocker and wear a hat – even on a cloudy day. There is only here and there some shadow for pausing.
  • Be sure to take enough water and a packed luch with you. There is no restaurant or kiosk on your way.
  • On a hot day or with a larger group the hike might take more than four hours. On other days and if you are well used to hiking it might take less time.
  • If you got tired your guide would call a motircycle taxi or a bus (“dalladalla”) that will pick you.

Duration: 4 hours comfortably | 2-3 hours speedily | tourguide recommended

Down in Mombo you can take a lunch and buy drinking water. Then you will take a bus back up to Lushoto. The ride will take another one and a half hours.