Safina street kids

In Dodoma, Tanzania’s capital located in the very middle of this large country, we have a friend, Andrea, who is very committed to helping kids who left their families and live in the streets. To prevent these waifs and strays from a life in poverty and criminality she gives them a home and the feeling of being cared of.

The aim of our drop-in work is to reintegrate the children into their families.The organization she is working for is calles “Safina Street Kids”. The Word “Safina” is Kiswahili and stands for ark. Safina’s main concerns is to reunite children with their own families after they had run away from home. Therefore Safina thrives to establish contact and trust with children and adolescents who need counseling and pastoral care, education and medical care. To reach these children, Safina conducts regular road assignments at places where street children often stay. The network maintains several houses where children without family record can live. Here they get the opportunity to attend school. They are invited to stay until they can live their own lives.

For more information please visit Safina Street Kids on Facebook.