a weekend with A local Family

This is really special: we have very close contact to more than a dozen families who will be your host for one weekend.

This is Simon. In his Village Kwembago they nickname him “Murinho” for he is the coach of the local football team. With him are his wife Neema, his younger brother Kassim, his son Daniel and his little daughter Prisca. They have a nice house, a large vegetable garden and their own cow. Simon runs his own tour guiding business. And on occasions he and his family are host to a Kiswahili student who gets the opportunity to spend some days away from the hotel and experience authentic family life.

This is not only for practicing Kiswahili, this is for developing a clearer view of what it’s like living in the Usambara Mountains. It’s about culture and way of life, about integrating into a society but at the same time being yourself.

And it’s about learning from each other, learning to cope with differences and nevertheless respecting each other. For example according to a etiquette rule guests should not work in the house of their host … for the first three days. After that they are expected to being at help. But our students are there only from Friday to Monday morning. So you should kindly ask which tasks you might take care of. Maybe Simon would show you how to milk his cow…