We are offering and teaching short term and long term Kiswahili courses as well as try to raise an understanding and love for the local people. We want to help yout to see more than just a tourist point of view.

Courses are offered using German or in English language and material depending on your personal preference. Additionally we are able to provide cultural, social, religious and economic background knowledge, so that you will be able to deal a lot better with the Tanzanian way of life. So, for example, we offer cooking classes to learn how to cook some local dishes in a traditional way. That’s pure fun!

Of course you can’t learn Kiswahili within the course of two or four weeks. So what Sabine does is building a solid foundation with all the necessary grammar and basic vocabulary. Starting from this basis you can learn and practice on your own – many students have proven: it works! Not only beginners do profit from Sabine’s teaching experience – even so intermediate and advanced students have the chance to improve and to make good progress.

What is you personal goal with learning Kiswahili and from what basis are you starting from? Please contact us and we will find a way that suits perfectly to your needs!

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Karibu Rafiki!

Joyce F. says …

Kanaani Resthouse is an oasis of serenity, beauty and solitude. During my 4-week stay here I was able to immerse myself in the Swahili language, continuously supported and encouraged by Sabine, my instructor with excellent teaching abilities. Kanaani Resthouse  provides simple but clean accommodations and delicious meals prepared by her kind and caring staff. All my expectations here were exceeded by far.

February 2016

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