With ease you can make the Usambara Mountains an immersive hiking experience starting from one day going to weeks – there is always to discover something new.

The rates for the tours vary according to the destination, as well as the number of participants. Take between $ 20 and $ 60 USD as a rough average fare, per day and per person, which includes all fees as accommodation and meals on multi-day trips.

A short hike from Lushoto to the Catholic Mission of the Montessori Sisters in Ubiri. There you can try and buy self-made cheese, wine and jam.

Climb the mountain with the mobile phone antennas seen from the Kanaani terrace right hand. Along the way you pass the botanical garden Fauna & Flora“.
Height: 2,200 meters (We are not quite sure about that and welcome any confirmation or correction)

Starting from Soni you walk through coffee plantations to the village of Sakharani where the Usambara wine is produced. On the way back there is a possibility to visit the Soni waterfall and the local market.

This tour starts in Soni and leads to the top of Kwamongo Mountain that is famous for its butterflies. From there you can enjoy the views of Soni, Lushoto and Handeni plain. On your way you will visit the villages of Shashui and Kwemula. And after the descent to the village Magila, at the foot of the “Growing Rock”, you can visit a project for soil conservation and solve the mystery of the rock.

This is a two days day trip to the East Usambara Mountains to one of the few still pristine rainforests. You get there by private transport. For visiting the forest a fee will be charged.

You go by bus to the village of Soni where the hike starts. On this tour you can see terrace farming processed for soil preservation. From the hilltop you can see down to the village of Vuga. Height of Kwamongo Peak: 2,400 meters (We are not quite sure about that and welcome any confirmation or correction).

This is a challenging mountain tour. Height: 2,800 meters (We are not so sure about that, this figure seems too high. We welcome any confirmation or correction). You get there by private transport from Lushoto to Malindi. From there the walk starts to Mlalo.

Hike through various Usambara villages to Mtae and enjoy a magnificent sunset at “World’s End”.

Day 1
From Lushoto to Lukozi
Accommodation in Papa Guesthouse

Day 2
From Lukozi to Rangwi
Accommodation in Sisters Convent

Day 3
From Rangwi to Mtae
Stay in a good Local Rest House

Day 4
With the 4-o-clock bus back to Lushoto (2 to 3 hours)

Same as 3-day-tour, but the 1st and 2nd day shortened with a bus trip from Lushoto to Rangwi.


A hike through pristine rainforest.

Day 1
By Dalladalla Lushoto by Soni
Then walk to Bumbuli
Stay in Mission House

Day 2
Walk from Bumbuli after Mazumbai Forest
Overnight in Mazumbai Forest with private Carepaket

Day 3
Walk in a different way back to Bumbuli
Then by bus to Soni
Then by Dalladalla to Lushoto

Same as 3-day-tour to Mtae with additional 4th day from Mate to Mlalo
Overnight stop in a very local guesthouse (not exactly nice).
On the 5th morning with dalladalla back to Lushoto.

Starting from the village of Mbuzi you follow the downward spiraling Bangala River to the valley. Along your way you can see traditional irrigation systems and you will have magnificent views of the Maasai plain. On your way back there is also the opportunity to visit a tree nursery.