“Feel invited to enjoy your meal!” After days or even weeks with “chipsi  mayai”, “pilao” or “ugali with dagaa” (all of them great Tanzanian dishes, of course) many of our guest long for some variation on their menue. Kanaani Resthouse’s kitchen meets this need with a wide variety of European like dishes while enriching the buffet with much Tanzanian influence – the perfect mix, as many guests say.

So start into your day with our generous breakfast buffet containing bread, scrambled eggs, our fabulous avocado cream, cereals with fresh milk, a wide variety of different tea flavors as well as the in this country common “Africafe”.

For Lunch and dinner we serve rice, pasta, potatoes, delicate vegetable stew, baked fish freshly from the Lushoto fishponds, beef and chicken and – self-evidently – Tanzanian dishes like chipsi mayai or chapati.

Lunch and dinner always include fresh vegetable grown in our own garden: salad, cabbage, cucumber, very aromatic tomato, carrots and more. You will also enjoy our self grown very sweet bananas, passion fruit and papaya.

Tea and coffee are served for free in early afternoon, along with some snacks like peanuts and mandazi or salted popcorn.

This is, what Christian from Germany writes on Kanaani meals:

“Regarding the meals there is not the least reason to complain: the variety is huge by Tanzanian standards and Sabine is very keen on serving her guests most possibly European style dishes. This reflects e.g. in a significantly lower per capita use of oil as well as in the sugarless Chai I learned to love due to its ginger flavor. Whether I have gained weight within my four weeks at Kanaani’s I do not know – but it’s highly possible.”