We are committed to providing our services completely aligned to the wishes and needs of our guests – from the steady provision of clean drinking water up to the ordering of bus tickets. We believe that we are making the difference here – loyal guests and long-term friendships are best proof of quality. Our entire team is committed to meeting your needs and we are delighted to be at your service – please approach us with any question you might have.


Mostly our guests arrive around early afternoon. To help you relaxing at the end of a stressy day (most often spent in a long-distance bus) we will provide you with some snacks, with coffee, tea and fresh water. Then take a warm shower, put your feet up on your private terrace and plan your activities in Usambara Mountains. We serve afternoon coffee every day while you are our guests, of course.


You will find a big water dispenser in our dining room always providing you with fresh drinking water. Feel free to fill up you personnel water bottles before starting your hiking trips in the Usambara Mountains or heading to your next destination.

Furthermore you can buy sodas – just ask our kitchen staff. And a bottle of wine might serve as a sundowner on your room’s terrace. Please understand that we do not sell beer at Kanaani Resthouse. If you feel a thirst for beer after your hike, we are happy to get you some at the nearby kiosk and cool it in our fridge.


You want to travel further and do not know which bus you could take? We will help you finding the best bus for your needs, from low budget to luxury coach, from early in the morning to noon. And we get the tickets for you so you can enjoy entirely your Usambara Mountains experience.

We do the laundry for you. For that, you give us your clothes directly on your arrival day. After two nights they should be dried. If you stay longer, simply put the clothes on the bathroom floor. Then we take them and bring them back to you once they have dried. We charge this service based on the amount of clothes – just contact us on it.

Some of your hiking trips might be far away from any restaurant. So in order to refresh and gain energy on your way you might want to order a lunch box from our kitchen – and that’s no problem, just ask for one. Even so when you are heading for your next destination – a day in a Tanzanian long-distance coach can be exhausting. In your lunch box you will find a soda, cookies, fruit, cucumber, eggs and some more delighting surprises.


We are very flexible with payment and accept Dollars as well as Euros and Tanzanian Shillings. You can pay in advance by transferring the amount invoice on our bank account in Germany. You can pay cash after your stay. Or you can pay via PayPal.

ATM: For drawing cash you find an ATM in town at the post office. This one accepts only VISA – so be sure you have a VISA card at hand. Now and then the ATM is out of order. So you might better be prepared with some cash in your pocket.

US Dollars: Please be sure that you only use US Dollar bills not issued before 2006, for banks in Tanzania do not accept older ones. As for handling and exchange rate reasons Kanaani Resthouse only accepts $100, $50, $20 and $10 bills.


No long hair required: if you want to show up with African braid style we will call our preferred hairdresser who will come by with a range of differently colored hair extensions. The best fitting will then be inweaved into your hair. This procedure will require you a lot of patience and you will need some chair glue – it might last a few hours until you are finished, maybe seven or so…


If you are satisfied with your service and with our staff in general they would be happy to receive you tip – you find the piggy bank for tips in the dining room. It cannot be opened and will be “piggy-bank-like” butchered at Christmas. The saved up money will be equally divided among all staff members, including the kitchen, the gardener, the caretaker and our watchmen.


Our staff members are always eager to be at your best service – and there is always someone around to help you with any request that might come up. Our rooms are provided with a bottle of water for each guest, with some sweets and with tourist information. While you are on you day trips your room will be cleaned up diligently, the towels will be changed if found on the bathroom floor and your beds will be made.

If you are satisfied with your room service and with our staff in general they would be happy to receive you tip – you find the piggy bank for tips in the dining room. It cannot be opened and will be “piggy-bank-like” butchered at Christmas. The saved up money will be equally divided among all staff members, including the kitchen, the gardener, the caretaker and our watchmen.


A tailor-made Kanga might serve as the most possible individual souvenir from your Tanzania trip. Kangas are the de facto national women’s dress in Tanzania. If you want one, go to Lushoto town and buy the fabric that suits you best. Then we will call our tailor to make you your very personal piece – or as skirt, a dress, trousers …

There are dozens of ways to wear a kanga, from simple tucked skirts and toga-style dresses to complicated halter tops. Women in Tanzania also commonly use them as baby carriers. The most common way to wear a kanga is also the easiest to execute: tuck it around your waist as though you were wrapping a towel.

Kangas first appeared in the mid- to late-19th century in East Africa, especially on Zanzibar, which was a center for the cloth trade at the time. Though no one is entirely sure of the origin of Kanga, a popular story says they were first made by fashion-forward women who bought multiple men’s handkerchiefs, sewed them together to form a large rectangle.

Later it became popular to include a saying or proverb on the Kanga. This phrase, called the “jina”, can be a useful communication tool for Tanzanians. A man giving a gift might choose a saying about beauty or love; a woman who’s upset with a friend might wear a kanga with a phrase like “njia mwongo fupi,” which means “the way of the liar is short.”

It’s always best in Tanzania to use the service of people you know they are reliable – a taxi driver for example being on time even 5.30 a.m. to get you to the bus. Our taxi driver, Fadhili, is a person like that. We are happy to call him for you if you need one.


Most of our guests come to Lushoto to experience Tanzanian people and culture as well as the unique nature of the Usambara Mountains. Hiking tours – one, two or more days – are the best and common means to get this experience in the most possibly straight way. Simon, the tour guide of our trust, knows every point of interest and every hiking trail around Lushoto. He is well educated in flora and fauna, history and people. And he speaks English, of course. Starting your trip with a tour guide is strictly recommended. So we will be happy to call Simon for you.