Wilson R. Mmole

Wilson was born 1971 in Masasi, located in far southern Tanzania. He is the legal owner of Kanaani Resthouse, he is proudly farming beans, corn and sweet potatoes and he will be right there if there was any technical issue to fix.

Sabine Mmole

Sabine was born 1965 in Berlin, Germany and has been living in Tanzania since 1992. She might be the one who will be welcoming you when you arrive at our place.
Deborah 2017

Deborah Mmole

Deborah was born in 1999 here in Lushoto. She attended primary school in Nairobi, Kenya and is now in Germany for secondary school. Deborah is a true 'third culture kid'. That means in her young life she has been influenced by many different cultures - German, Kenyan and of course Tanzanian.
We are a German-Tanzanian household with social-missionary concern and calling. Our commitment not only applies to the guest operating and our students, but also local communities, in particular the training of pastors and leaders, regardless of their denomination. According to our possibilities we also try to set an example in society through individual training grants and long-term village development projects which are designed to improve sustainably the quality of life of the rural population.